A couple of people have asked me whether I would ever turn to crowdfunding to help meet the escalating costs of Louis Catorze’s vet bills. The short answer to that is no, mainly because we took him on knowing what a liability he could be and therefore we were able to prepare ourselves, but also because I have mixed feelings about crowdfunding as a “thing”; I often read requests and lurch from thinking, “What a worthy cause” to “Jeez, you really should have planned for that.” However, every so often, a case comes along that draws you in, something so unplannable-for and so extraordinarily sweet that you just cannot resist, and Nugget was just one of those cases. 

Emily and her husband Stu were on holiday in Cyprus when they met Nugget and felt that there was something special about her. So much so, in fact, that, not only were they kind enough to get her neutered whilst they were out there, but they are now moving heaven and earth to be able to bring her home to the UK with them. Obviously anyone who does a nice thing for cats will get my vote, but what I found so touching about this story was that Emily and Stu were on their honeymoon; they would have been quite within their rights to be thinking only about themselves and their future, but they were thoughtful enough to put this dear kitty first. I’m not sure many people would have been so generous at such a time; when I think back to my honeymoon, all I cared about was the fact that I could eat carbs again after my month-long pre-wedding carb drought, and I probably wouldn’t have given a hoot about any cats. (Sorry.)

Emily tells Nugget’s full story on the link below. If it has ever crossed your mind to donate to Louis Catorze, THANK YOU, but the spoilt little sod already has plenty, and, ever since his ex-rescue centre took over his care, he has had a succession of people looking after him wonderfully. Whereas Emily and Stu could be Nugget’s only chance. Please may I ask that you read Emily’s story and consider donating to Nugget instead.


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